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Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

Automatic cars are becoming more popular and with advances in new car technology resulting in increased fuel efficiency, automatic gear box cars will eventually replace manual gearboxes as the standard car in the UK. Remember electric and hybrid cars are all automatic and that is the future. Car manufacturers now offer small automatic cars in their ranges so new drivers will have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing an automatic car. If you think you will never have to drive a manual car or just don’t feel confident using a stick shift (that’s what they are called in the US where everyone drives automatic) having an auto car makes perfect sense.

It really is very easy to learn in an automatic car and as a result you will more than likely need less hours to pass your test. You only need to use your right foot, accelerating and breaking, simple! That allows you to concentrate fully on dealing with with traffic situations. At Intensive Lessons4u, we will get you through your test in super-quick time with an automatic crash course. All our automatic instructors are very patient and we can offer both male and female instructors for your automatic driving lessons.

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